1610, 2017

The One Reason Why You Need to Know What Google Search Console Is

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In my years of practice, I haven't met a single person or company who thinks of Google Search Console as anything more than an afterthought, and that's a mistake. The One Reason Why Google Search Console is your way to have a two way conversation with Google, the largest search [...]

1310, 2017

Google Rolls Out Analytics Intelligence

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Google has finally rolled out Analytics Intelligence to our organization (based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada), which means that it's likely you now have it as well. This functionality was announced in the summer time, but clearly it was not immediately rolled out to everyone. How to Find It If you're viewing [...]

2907, 2017

Why You Should Always Include Quotes Around Your CSS Image URL

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Having developed websites for well over 10 years now, I am astounded at how often coding examples show CSS image properties without quotes. For example: background-image: url(~/path/to/image.jpg); In practice, this is fine for most static websites, but for dynamic websites that allow content authors to dynamically insert and change specified [...]

1803, 2017

Adapt or Die (Digital Marketing is Adaptation)

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Marketing is Fitness I like to compare marketing to fitness. Everyone wants a six pack, and every business wants a healthy supply of customers. The problem is that most people don't truly understand how to get a six pack, and so they never get one. I humbly consider myself [...]

402, 2017

Something Meta You Should Know About Corporate Websites

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All over the web there exists awful corporate websites. Ironically, tech companies, even web technology companies, or even web development companies, have awful websites. Ours is no exception. It looks decent, but at the end of the day it's a WordPress website and it has its quirks. Gross! Here's why [...]

2801, 2017

So.. You want to work with ONE developer on the cheap?

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Someone who is thinking of making their dreams come true and have an application built out with a single developer should know a few things before going forward. There is an important distinction. Having a single developer develop a webSITE is far less risky than a full fledged webAPP. That's [...]

511, 2016

Serious About Your App Idea?

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As a tech professional with both business and technical abilities, I get approached somewhat frequently by curious people about how they can go about making their tech ideas a reality. Whether they are good ideas or not, one thing that all the people have in common is that they don't know [...]

511, 2016

The Single Most Profound Thing About SEO

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Usually in life when one comes to master a craft or develop an advanced understanding of it, one can play and interact with the philosophical undertones and implications of that thing. That might mean nothing to you, but the frank translation is that after doing extensive work and research in this [...]

1607, 2016

Web Developers Don’t Automatically Know SEO (But We Do)

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When it comes to developing the ideal web experience for your business, there is often a tension between the developers, the people in charge of SEO, and the people in charge of user interface (UI / UX). Of course, if you have a small budget then usually you’re stuck with just [...]